Giftguide 2021

We wrapped up the perfect gifts for every bud - some fun, some chill, and some perfect for the person who loves their dog more than people. Spark joy this holiday season with the gifts they really want.

For the foodie For the foodie

They always know where to eat and what to order. And this holiday, you’ll know exactly what to get them because we’ve got what your food-loving bud really wants. Like gourmet edibles and beverages, food-themed strains and all the accessories they’ll need to make their own batch of happy goodness.

The big bags (28g)

Cooking with cannabis can take a lot of weed, whether they're putting it in the recipe or just having a full day of baking while baked. Get them the big bag and they might just thank you with a dozen snickerdoodles.

Hybrid Pre-rolls

Hybrids give you the best of both worlds. Your fav foodie friend will be chillin' but their tastebuds will be rockin'. Give them the gift of a new way to enjoy superb tasting food with a hybrid pre-roll.

1:1 Gummies

Gummies are GOURMET now and 1:1 gummies are a relaxing vibe for all. These aren't your grandma's Werthers that she found in her pocket, these are rich, sweet and delicious treats that everyone is sure to enjoy this season.

High THC beverages

You've heard of wine pairings but this is the next big thing. Keep your pals on trend by giving them the latest in bevaraginos like XMG or Deep Space. This curated selection of cannabis drinks feels like it was brewed just for you (or ahem, we mean them).

Hybrid Vapes

The worst part of cooking? The clean up. Vapes are no mess, no stress and they can puff their way all through dinner. Check the terpene profile to match their vape to their taste for an enhanced eating experience!

CBD and THC oils

Oils are the foodie's best friend. Any dish can become an infused dish when they add a bit of oil. Cooking at home or enjoying their favourite restaurant just got a lot more fun. Just a few drops and they're an infusion expert!

Butter + Oil Machines

These are the tools of the trade for any serious infusion chef. Oils and butters can be pre-made and ready for whatever recipe strikes their mood.

For the fitness buff For the fitness buff

Get the gym lover in your life the perfect CBD products to put them in the right workout frame of mind, or as a post-workout treat for sore muscles. Because nothing puts you back into beast mode like a CBD bath bomb.

CBD Sativas

A runner's high is cool... but so is a high high. Give them the gift of something to look forward to after an intense workout. CBD Sativas will help them recover and energize at the same time. Could there be a better gift? We think not.

CBD pre-rolls

Lifting weights can be hard on the hands and working out in the Canadian winter means cold. CBD pre-rolls are ready and waiting for them before or after their workout, no assembly required.

CBD Chocolates + Edibles

If anyone has earned a little treat, it's this crew. CBD chocolates and edibles are the gift that really gives; not only do they get a delightful candy but they also get a hit of CBD to ease their body and mind.

CBD Beverages

Remember when we were kids and they were like "drink milk to recover" and we were just like "yeah that makes sense." That was weird, but this actually makes sense. CBD beverages like Quattreau or Everie are hydrating and refreshing for their body.

Dry mix

They're always carrying around that shaker bottle so why not give them something awesome to put in it. Dry mixes can be mixed into any beverage, hot or cold, so they can infuse before, during or after their workout sesh (or all three!)

CBD Vapes

Lots of athletes want to try CBD but aren't sure where to start. Vape pens are an awesome option for all. No rolling required and the wide variety of terpene profiles (flavours) to choose from makes it easy to find something for anyone.


Like CBD vapes, CBD oil is great for a newbie or someone who wants a precise dose every time. Quick and convenient, these oils can be thrown in a gym bag or purse for a simple CBD solution anytime.

Bath bombs and topicals

We were going to write a caption but we thought we'd just take a direct quote from a customer review "I used this after working out and I was so relaxed and a little buzzed. I felt like a sexy little cloud." Soo... definitely give these to everyone you know.

Housewares - Storage, Carrying Cases

Bags to put in their gym bags. There is nothing better than a gift that goes with your style. Choose from a wide selection of carrying bags and cases to find the one that suits them best.

For the movie lover For the movie lover

Anything worth seeing, they’ve already seen. So what do you get the binge-watcher who loves to relax and get lost in the movies? Some super chill strains and indoor accessories so that they’ll never have to leave the couch. Now, shhhh, this is the good part.

Top rated 3.5g indicas

Like Rotten Tomatoes but for weed, the reviews are in and these are the best of the best. Give the gift of quality and a well-loved strain, with any of these top rated dried flower options. There is nothing better than sinking into the couch with a good indica and watching a movie.

Pre-roll multipacks

You can't just stop a movie marathon to roll another joint, and pre-roll multi-packs mean you don't have to. Plus they are easy to share with friends so the whole crew can be on the same level for a full day of the LOTR saga (but obviously not The Hobbit movies because like wth are those?!)

High THC edibles

We know you're not really supposed to bring your own treats, but we highly recommend these as a part of your next theatre visit. This gift guide recommendation comes with an activity: grab a couple high THC edibles and bring your friend/Mom/neighbour to the movies for an amazing day out.


You can't have a move night without pop (soda?) and popcorn. This is the pop of the future; they'll be sipping and slipping into a nice high that will have them saying "This is the BEST movie ever!"

Indica vape cartridges

Movie day is a commitment... a commitment to the couch. And they can't be committed if they have to get up to roll joints. Line up some snacks and the perfect indica vape and hit play. And to answer the incoming question "Yes, I am still watching."


Cannabis concentrates are super potent, super tasty and the perfect addition to a superhero marathon. Concentrates are the best gift for the movie lover because a little bit will last them for the whole viewing experience.

One hitters and concentrate rigs

You can't get them all this cool weed and not add the cool stuff that goes with it. Just like movies go with popcorn, these accessories are the supporting cast.

For the dog person For the dog person

You have to RSVP to their dog’s birthday party. And they post a disproportionate number of skateboarding dog vids. They’re your doggie fanatic friend and you’re going to take their dog walks to another level with our discrete accessories and convenient pre-rolls and vapes. Now who wants to go for a walk? Again? Yes, again.

Mini pre-rolls

Two to four walks a day is a lot, and they should get to enjoy them as much as their pup. These mini pre-rolls are the perfect size for a quick stroll around the neighbourhood, and the pack fits nicely into a coat pocket.


Get them ready for any adventure with their pup, toss a bag or two of gummies into their stocking and they'll be ready to keep up with their fury friend. Whether they're on the way to play in the dog park or adventuring to the couch together. Whats better than a treat they can feel good about? (this is a rhetorical question)

Hot Drinks

We don't need to tell you that it's cold outside.. why not stay home, with a furry best friend and get toasty with one of our hot drinks. Are we telling them to stay home from work? If the boss asks, absolutely not!

PAX pods and vape cartridges

Perfectly designed to go from their pocket to the palm of their hand. If dogs are man's best friend, Pax pods and vape cartridges are the dog walker's best friend.


The red pill or the blue pill? How about one of these capsules instead. Gift them something with a long lasting effect at the exact dose they need. Now the only thing they’ll need to focus on is what treat to give their pup.

Pax Eras and vape batteries

They'll need a battery to go with the cartridge you bought them and with all colours and sizes, you could get them a battery for every day of the week!

For the artist For the artist

Some people just need to express themselves. But whether they’re classically trained or a paint-by-numbers enthusiast, both require the creative strains and artsy accessories you’ll find here. Dabble in some yourself and, you too, may finally “get” conceptual art.

Sativa Dominant Everything

We heard that Van Gogh had a pack of Sativa pre-rolls ready for when he painted the Starry Night.. let's just say that these pre-rolls have been the choice of legends for a while. So gift them a little something extra that will help the aspiring artist who needs a bit of inspiration.

Wana Gummies

You know what they say about artists... they're moody, melancholic and a bit mad. Wana gummies are just what they need to mellow out and bring a little sweetness into their masterpieces.

Bedfellows Liquid Arts

These are liquid art. Literally, that's the name. These new craft-beer like beverages really are works of art and were created in collaboration with some of the best craft brewers in the country. Plus the labels are just like... really pretty.

Pure SunFarms or Spinach vapes

Pure SunFarms and Spinach are putting fun and art back into cannabis. These two brands have cachet not only because their weed is on point, but their brands are too. Your artsy friend will love that you considered their taste in every way.

Oil sprays

This is cannabis oil in a spray bottle that can be taken orally — not to be mixed in with their cologne/perfume collection (or vice versa). They can, however, use it as an alternative for smoking or vaping dried cannabis.

Hemp and leaf wraps

Nature is art, especially when that nature is being used as a cannabis accessory. Hemp and leaf wraps are a more natural way to smoke and they make everyone feel like an artiste, even if their medium is finger painting.

For the astrologist For the astrologist

Mercury is in retrograde. If you know someone who actually knows what that means, we see the perfect stocking stuffers in their future. Choose from a collection of pipes for every phase of the moon and some chill strains for when they’re listening to the stars and following their counsel.

1g flower

It's the thought that counts, and the thought that goes into picking your pal the perfect assortment of 1 gram dried flower is immeasurable. Give them the gift of choosing a strain to match their horoscope.

10 pack of pre-rolls

Their relationship with weed is truly written in the stars and we may know whats exactly meant to be for them. Gift them a 10pack of pre-rolls to keep their head up in the stars and connected with their higher self.

Ace Valley Gummies

Ace Valley gummies are vegan, gluten-free and ultra delicious and somehow we think your astrology-loving friend might be into those things... just a hunch.

Cannabis drinks

Cannabis drinks like Deep Space, Little Victory and House of Terpenes are perfect for the astrologist because there's a flavour to match their every mood. Whatever their horoscope reads today, we've got a drink to match.

Disposable Vapes

We don't know about you but we change our minds like we change our shirts, and your stargazing pals might be the same. Get them a few disposable vapes so they can try on and test out different flavours.

Sex oil and topicals

The stars are aligned and it's time to get sexy. Give them the gift of a universe shattering connection with another or even themself.

Hand pipes and grinders

Hand pipes and grinders are fun, colourful and come in all shapes and sizes. Get a set for your whole crew - you can go with the matchy matchy or choose based on their individual personaility, the options are endless.

For the jokester For the jokester

Have you heard the one about the person who didn’t know what to get their funniest friend for the holidays? Us, neither, because we’ve got pipes that look like pickles and a strain called Boaty McBoatface. Now that’s comedy gold.

High THC 3.5gs

Lets really get them laughing this time.. no but really. They always keep a smile on your face but now its time to put one on theirs. Whats better than a high-quality joke? We think adding some high-quality THC to the mix.

High THC pre-rolls

They are the funny one, but this is your chance to take their place. Make them laugh at basically whatever you say or do with a few custom chosen pre-rolls.

Spinach Sourz

What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear. You can share this dad joke while handing them a pack of their favourite flavours from Spinach Sourz. Because hey, if it's not both (let's be real, it is both), one or the other is guaranteed to lighten up the mood.

Mollo or THC dry mix

A cannabis beverage that tastes like a beer with Mollo. Or the ability to turn any drink into a cannabis drink. Mix and match with a selection of THC beverages. Champagne move over, this is the new giggly water. Literally.

Good Supply and Spinach Vapes

We chose these brands because like your friend, they've got great jokes. And also like your friend, they've got great weed... or at least your friend will when you buy this for them.

Weird pipes

Okay hear us out, sometimes we come across some really weird pipes and we just have to recommend them to everyone, especially those who have a great sense of humor.

For the early adopter For the early adopter

Who lines up at 3am to get the latest gadget? This guy. And who’s going to get them what they really want this holiday? You are. That’s because we’re always up-to-date with the latest and greatest accessories and cutting-edge strains, so your techie friend can finally power down and unplug.


iykyk why Shred. And that's all we are going to say about it.

CBN products

You know THC and you know CBD, but do you know CBN? CBN is the newest craze in cannabis and it's all about that body-high. Give them the gift of being in the loop.

Diamonds and shatter

Diamonds and shatter are the latest and greatest in concentrates. These ultra-potent and smooth ways to consume cannabis are a tech-lover's dream because they are born from tech and they often require the best tech to properly consume.

Trans-dermal patches

Trans-dermal patches JUST hit the market and they are already the talk of the topical town. These patches can be worn on skin and use a slow-absorption technology to deliver the right dose with no mess and no stress.

Puffco Peak

Puffco takes vaping seriously and they have the tech to reflect it. The Puffco Peak is the best on the market and we believe the best deserves the best.